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Fall River


The Fall River is just a small piece of an enormous and intricate spring fed complex that covers a huge portion of northeastern California. The entire system, as a whole, is one of the largest spring creek networks in the nation. The Fall River is open during General Trout Season – we fish it in the late spring, summer and early fall.

Lined by miles of private property consisting of ranches and working farms, Fall River is fished from small-motorized skiffs or Jon boats in order to gain access to the many miles of slow moving meanders.

Fishing the Fall River provides a unique experience and introduction to techniques for glassy calm, clear, and technical water. The river often provides classic sight casting opportunities to very large wild trout.

Anglers will learn and utilize skills that often involve long-line dry fly presentations, or the popular “Fall River twitch” (feeding line for a long downstream drift either with small strike-indicators or dry dropper rigs). Swinging leeches on a slow down and across presentation is also an effective and traditional method to fool these educated spring creek trout.

The river produces prolific hatches of aquatic insects including midges, caddis, damselflies and dragonflies along with multiple mayfly species including the famous and humungous hexagenia limbata mayfly.

The Hex hatch is one of the quintessential Fall River experiences! Presented as a dry fly during the evening emergence, the 2” long hex will garner the attention and raise some of the biggest trout in the river. The takes are often explosive and deliberate; addicting enough that you will add this event to your adventure list for July-August every year.

For more information on fishing the Fall River please contact me about accommodations. There are several options right on the water or in nearby towns of Fall River Mills and Burney. Nearby fly fishing waters also include; Pit River, Hat Creek, Baum Lake, and others.

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