About Dave Neal – Fly Fishing Guide – Trout and Steelhead – Northern California

About Dave Neal – Fly Fishing Guide


The Hookset:

I grew up in Northern California and fish and game have been an important part of my life ever since I can remember. My formative years were spent chasing bluegill and smallmouth bass in granite quarry ponds and small creeks within bicycle range of our home near Folsom Lake. My summers were spent camping and lining crawdads out of Lake Tahoe and stalking brookies and wild rainbow trout in the surrounding mountain streams.

To say fishing kept me out of trouble when I was a kid would be a fair assessment, although it did lead to a mild state of arrested development and profound lifelong habit of pursuing fish species.

The Big Adventure:

At the age of 26, after the dream of becoming a professional cyclist didn’t work out I packed up my fly rods and skis and followed a girl to the ski town of Mammoth Lakes along the beautiful Eastside of the Sierra. This region is a high mountain paradise with endless fishing, hunting, skiing, camping and exploring adventures! Possibly the best adventure of all – was with the girl. She soon became my endearing and wonderful wife and later, the mother of our beautiful daughter.

It’s Getting Real:

In 2001 I started guiding for a small local shop on Main St in Mammoth Lakes and quickly realized I had found my calling.

The following spring I attended the Guide School at Clearwater House on Hat Creek and was invited to join the best guide service in Mammoth at the old Trout Fly shop.

After 7+ seasons with the shop, I had developed a solid base of regular clients and created my own guide service

business, Reel Mammoth Adventures. We spent 14 great years in Mammoth Lakes and with a lot of hard work, long hours on the water, and dedication my independent guide service business continues to grow every year.

The Next Step:

In 2008, I began guiding fall/winter steelhead trips on the Trinity River and would spend most of the season in the logging town of Weaverville to be close to the amazing steelhead waters nearby. These incredible and zany anadromous fish have a way of getting under your skin! The passion and dedication needed to pursue these creatures becomes more than merely a sport, hobby or a job… it becomes your lifestyle.

The New Chapter:

When better opportunities arose for both my wife and I, we decided to relocate our family back to Northern California.

We are very happy to begin a new chapter in our lives and be closer to my family and friends nearby.

This region offers incredible steelhead fishing and some of the best wild trout rivers in the State of California the rest of the year. I truly feel that this region is the ultimate destination in the State of CA, and perhaps the country, for an incredible variety of fish species and quality of fly fishing adventures available nearby.

On Life Philosophy:

Honesty, integrity, patience, and a hard work ethic are traits I value. I’m the type of person who appreciates developing relationships while having a fun, safe, positive and memorable experience on the water with my clients and their friends and families.

I’m not going to yell at you, get angry or upset when you miss fish or put a nasty tangle the line! I’m a patient instructor who is easy going, but driven to provide the best

service possible. I enjoy teaching as much as catching – my job is to allow you to have fun on the river and to teach you something new so that you become a better angler. In short, I want you to come back and enjoy our day fishing as much as I did.

Thanks for visiting my page and I look forward to sharing my passion with you – Let’s go fishing!

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